It’s important to reflect on the shifts we’ve seen in software development in 2020. Businesses are rushing to develop software to create new markets and products. They are also developing enterprise applications to improve their efficiency.

As a business leader with greater dependencies on the systems, you should know where software development will create value in the upcoming years. This requires you to be aware of the emerging trends in software development.

Here are 7 trends in software development this year:

1. Mixed Reality: high Potential in Enterprise Solutions

The combination of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), Mixed Reality has a great significance in enterprise applications. VR creates an immersive experience for users while AR combines digital content with the physical environment of users. Many sectors like defense, tourism, gaming, construction healthcare, etc are realizing this technology. The global market for MR is growing rapidly.

2. Blockchain: Augmenting solutions with transparency, efficiency and security

While cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have made us notice blockchain, the technology has wide implications for enterprise solutions. Blockchain, a peer to peer network offers decentralization, security features and transparency. Businesses and governments are exploring blockchain, hence its global market is growing rapidly. The market of blockchain will reach $57.641 billion in 2025.

3. Artificial Intelligence

AI intends to make machines perform the tasks that are earlier performed only by human beings. This is a vast field, while some parts have been commercialized and research and development continues on other dimensions. Artificial Intelligence includes deep learning, vision, natural language processing, speech, machine learning(ML) etc.

4. Internet of Things (IoT)

It’s the technology that emerges, the internet of things (IoT) has impacts on the world and not just businesses. IoT is a network of objects like gadgets, devices, appliances and all these devices use sensors. They use the application programming interface (API) to exchange data over the internet. Various integration of technologies like Big Data, AI, ML, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) results in IoT. The market of IoT is rapidly growing and will reach $520 billion in 2021.

5. Language and Framework Trends for Enterprise apps

Technology keeps evolving with time! Javascript followed by python, java, SQL, HTML/CSS is the most popular language. JQuery is the popular framework, including ASP.NET, React js and Angular. JS and .NET are popular among libraries and other frameworks. MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL are popular databases.

6. Cyber Security

This is a prominent consideration when developing an enterprise application as we all know how cybercrimes cause billions and trillions of money in losses. Moreover, cybercriminals are organized and continuously upgrading themselves.

Understanding the key trends in software development helps in executing the project successfully. This can be challenging when the project is complex! Contact Us or Download our app to get help in Strategy Planning for Business Development.