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Progress Report

Performance can be seen by Progress Report of any group, any particular task or any individual.

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Task List

All assigned tasks are displayed to provide a quick way to edit/delete task.

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Quick and simple updations

Easy to manage users. Easy Updation of password. We will help you in case of any query.


Task Management

Admin can assign task to users, update status, can change due dates.

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Business and their Tips

Business becomes easy when you have some tips and We provides business related tips in app to make business simple.

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Business Roadmap

You can select any Business Category and by using drag and drop functionality business stages can be maintain.

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Easy to access Login/ Signup an forgot password.

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About Application

App Focus:

Identify the goals you would like to achieve with your business process:

  • Focused on increasing the quality, efficiency or cost of your product or service. Help with the general vision of your hopes for the future of your company.
  • Set a measurable time frame to achieve your business objectives.
  • Tasks and actions can be interdependent or dependent to rely upon each other to achieve the objective.
  • Activities can be sequential or parallel, meaning either one activity cannot occur until the other is completed, or two activities can occur at the same time within the process.

User Manual

Click here for User Manual PDF

App Features:

  • The target market of your business
  • The market segments that you want to hold
  • The marketplaces that you would like to be a part of
  • The products and/or services that you will sell
  • The current condition of your business
  • The quality standards that you adhere to
  • The timeline that you will follow for the implementation of the business development strategy plan
  • The overall specifications of the business development strategy plan content
  • The development strategies that are aligned with the needs of your business
  • The strategy plans that will allow you to improve your operations, your business offers, and your services