Many people think of Dallas as a ritzy and glamour’s place to live in. Nowadays, Dallas is a huge city known for its high concentration of restaurants, shopping centers and various other places with its unique history. This beautiful city is ethnically diverse, with less than half its population being of European descent, it became well-known city in popular culture as the setting for the eponymous television drama series.

During mid-March to mid-April during the COVID-19 pandemic ensured stay-at-home policies which took hold across Dallas. As a result, it affected almost all the people living there. Many lost their jobs while other has to shut down their shops and companies.

While the COVID-19 pandemic is still a serious issue, many reforms have already started digging their heels in, both in terms of making them stable in financial issue and fighting with the virus.

An Ingenious BluPrint – Digital Film & Media Division Video Production has made a short film documenting the real thoughts of people who are suffering due to COVID crisis to increase the awareness between more and more communities and people.

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