Have you ever seen a web developer saying “It’s not a bug, It’s a feature”? You must have. Whether someone is a new developer or an experienced one, they must have made some silly mistakes on a daily basis.

No website can be perfect in this era but you can surely reduce the chances of mistakes done.

How to ensure you are collaborating in a productive way? Which mistakes can you avoid while working with web developers?

In this blog, we will know some common errors web developers make and how to overcome the same:

  • Missing Semi-Colon: This is a common mistake done by even experienced developers. Developers usually forget to end the statement with a semi-colon. To avoid this mistake, you can write semicolons before writing any code.
  • Not coding for desktop and mobile simultaneously: The client and Developer should think through the site design for both mobile and desktop. It is more convenient to make everything clear with the client rather than doing the things again.
  • Not testing other Browsers: Almost 70% of users use chrome as their primary browser, but it doesn’t mean that others don’t use any browser like safari or Microsoft Edge. Testing on every browser will make things smooth.

The successful key to hiring a web development company stands between communication and collaboration. Telling them clearly about your vision and thoughts is how you will end up having an engaging website. These pitfalls will help you avoid the headache of doing things again and again.

The points we have discussed above usually arise due to a lack of open communication. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions or tell your expectations, as a client you are entitled to get your desired outcome. Still, have any questions? We’ll get you the answer. Ask us now!