Mobile App development is a long and complex process. It takes a lot of time, proper synchronization, excellent coders, and much more than that.  In the process, timelines suffer badly if you are taking the wrong path. According to the researcher, Users spend 90% of their time in apps compared to the mobile web.

Needless to say, having an enterprise mobile app is one of the best strategies to acquire more customers. It usually takes more time and effort to create a mobile app than a website or web platform.

Here are Five Ways to Speed up Mobile App Development Process and Save Time:

1. Plan before you Execute:

Prepare a blueprint of the app first. According to the customer’s desires, you need to develop a mobile app. If the customer doesn’t get what is needed, he will surely drop the mobile app.

By making the mobile app the developers should follow the app development process. So, The team members, who are creating the mobile app, will also not be confused.

2. Go with MVP:

Minimal Viable Product is a concept that is very helpful in mobile app development. MVP is releasing the app with bare minimum features.  Takedown the users’ suggestions and make the necessary adjustments accordingly. Keep a check on user acceptance, usability, preferences, and download rate by using tools to work towards the desired outcome. Stick to proper progress steps and release timely updates with the use of agile techniques.

3. Hybrid:

Hybrid apps are web apps that operate smoothly on any mobile operating system are hybrid apps (OS). They save a lot of time because, for each OS, such as Android or iOS, you do not need to write a separate code. Hybrid apps are superb because they are faster, cheaper, and portable. Just like native apps, make sure that your hybrid app has a simple UI.

4. Outsource to Experts:

It is suggested that you outsource to an experienced mobile app development company if you are searching for complex and feature-rich applications. A company, like Ingenious Bluprint, which has worked for numerous industry verticals, and has wide experience in leading systems, such as Android as well as iOS, can design and implement innovative features of your industry domain.

5. Go for Automated Testing:

App testing can be very time-consuming and lengthy, but it will considerably reduce the development period when you opt for automated testing. Companies can run several tests simultaneously in the same amount of time, which makes testing faster and easier.

If you follow the above methods, it will certainly help you minimize the development time for mobile apps. Ingenious Bluprint has acquired immense experience in delivering mobile apps for your business in a faster and cheaper way. Choose us and we will help you improve time-to-market, better customer engagement, and ultimately more. Or Download our Business Process Optimization strategy app.