If you’re here already, it probably means that you are about to create a mobile app — may be your first one? It could also mean that you’ve got an awesome idea and you’re wondering how much work you will need to put in, to succeed. Maybe you’re just curious.

No matter the reason, continue reading this article to discover the most effective mobile app promotion strategies that will help increase your app downloads.

Nowadays, Mobile is the bread and butter of the tech world. From reading to listening, placing an order, crawling on social media, people spend most of their time with their mobile.

According to the researcher, people spend 85% of their time on mobile apps.

The mobile app industry is generating a huge amount of income, as per the statistics.

How to promote mobile apps for your business?

Create a demo video-

63% are more likely to download an app after watching a video on their social media site. So, once you are ready to launch your app to the public, you have to make a small video that shows what your app is all about. The video should not be more than 60 sec because customers feel bored when they view time taking video. At the end of the video, there should be a call to action button that takes the customers to the landing page to download.

App Referrals-

According to the researcher that 92% of customers trust referrals from people they know. You can build a loyalty program so that people can refer to another person like there should some vouchers or points that will benefit them. Referral marketing plays a very important role when promoting mobile apps downloads.

Social Media-

How to market your app? Social media is best to promote your app there are certain social media channels like quora. But before that, you need to focus on what audience you need to target.

Use the Service of Press-

Media or Press plays an important role in keeping people aware of the latest updates. So, try out the media angle and get in touch with relevant media houses to cover your app press release.


If you want to improve your app ranking then backlinks are the important thing to keep in mind. So, try to increase more backlinks to your relevant pages.


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